Hello, my name is Erik Fadiman. I'm an interactive designer and teacher living in Seattle, Washington.

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Division: Business and Communications
Curriculum: Graphic Design and Illustration
Course title: Intractive Design II
Course number: DES 253
Credits: 4
Lab hours: 33
Lecture hours: 22
Type of course: Occupational preparatory
Length of course: 11 weeks
Class size: 24
Prerequisites: Successful completion of the program through preceding quarter
Course description: The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to Motion Graphics
Course outcomes: Upon completion of this course the students will:
• Understand the principles of Motion Graphics
• Identify the core design skills needed for broadcast TV, Film and Video industries
• Know how to construct and optimize Video for Internet playback
• Gain a basic understanding of editing/workflow with Adobe AfterEffets CS5
• Successfully implement a branding and marketing campaign for Video Production
• Demonstrate a basic understanding of design for Motion Graphics workflow

Instructor: Erik Fadiman 206.356.2608 E-mail: efadiman@gmail.com

Additional (online) reading will be assigned every week.
Methods of presentation:  A combination of lecture, critique, and online resources
Small groups of students will be asked to discuss course concepts for later presentation to the class as a whole. Students will be asked to present and discuss their work in font of the class, as well as participate in class critiques.
ADA conformation: (Americans with Disabilities Act) If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of disability; if you have emergency medical information to share with me; or if need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated; please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.
Syllabus developed by Erik Fadiman 12/2011




Reading Material will be continaually posted to your facebook page. I will add links to the right column each week as the articles become relevant to to our curent topics.

April: Project #1

We will have a critique on the first day of class. Please develop story boards for how you will pitch your idea. Printed 11 x 17”. I will post links to Facebook during the break about motion graphics “boards”.

Please Choose (listed in order of increasing dificulty and relevance)
1. Music Video. Do whatever you want. Have fun.
1. Kinetic Type. Find 30 seconds of spoken audio. Choose a typeface, make it look awesome.
2. Film title sequence. Redo the title sequence of a classic/current film or TV show.
****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ******
3. Sarah Palin for President. 30 second commercial. THIS IS NOT SATIRE.
4. User Experience walk through for your App from Winter quarter.
5. User experience/advertisement for Windows 8/Metro Design Language. Create a 30 second commercial for Window 8 that shows a user completing a task or series of tasks across Phone, Tablet, and Desktop. Clarify that it is one OS that exists across different devices. Utilize all visual standards from the Metro Design Guidelines.
6. Social TV. As TV becomes more of an internet phenomen and less of a traditional broadcast medium, demonstrate what social TV looks like on a touch screen device. You should be able to turn on my tablet and choose from a huge selection of video/entertainment options based on my interests and recomendations from my social Network. You should be able to tap, sort, and browse with touch gestures. Explore how Discovery is the dominant paradigm on Connected TV . Create a 60 second walk through (with voice over narrative) of what this process looks like. Also, determine what brand this User Expereince belongs to ( Facebook, Google, etc)

May: Project 2

Pick an athlete who will (probably) be competing in the Olympics this summer. Add their most prominant corporate sponsor (Nike, Adidas, etc).
Develop a new brand for this company based on this athlete which incorporates thier personal narrative. Create a 30 second commercial for this brand which tells their story as part of the Hero’s Journey. Humble origins, dedication and determination, triumph over adversity, Olympic Gold. 
Additional requirements: Typographically rich. Lots of data and statistics. It should read like an animated infographic. 
Must include: Olympic symbol (5 rings), London 2012 (text or logo), parent company branding, the new brand, audio, compelling narrative, statictics or data. 30 seconds, no more, no less.
NO TEAMS. You have to do this one yourself.


Week 1: APR 5/6
Subject: Introduction to Adobe After Effects. Begin Project #1; Begin Project #2

What's Due? Project #1: Storyboards
What's Due? Project #2: You should have selected your Olympianand you should begin collecting content in a folder (images, video, text)

Week 2: APR 12/13
Subject: Introduction to Adobe After Effects.
What's Due? Project #1: 5 seconds of video, uploaded to the web
What's Due? Project #2: First pass at your new Brand. Define what your brand stands for, what you're selling, what is the "promise", who is the target market, etc... perhaps sketches, moodboard, color and type samples, etc. For example, Jessica Boos might have somethig like this

Week 3: APR 19/20
Subject: Introduction to Adobe After Effects.
What's Due? Project #1: 10 seconds of video, uploaded to the web
What's Due? Project #2: Building out assets for production. Building graphic elements, editing photos, writing the script, sourcing the audio, etc begin Data Visualization

Week 4: APR 26/27
Subject: Introduction to Adobe After Effects.
What's Due? Project #1: 15 seconds of video, uploaded to the web
What's Due? Project #2: Athlete Brand identity, Graphic Assets, Data Visualization rough draft

Week 5:MAY 3/4
Subject: Introduction to Adobe After Effects.
What's Due? Project #1: Finished, uploaded to your website
What's Due? Project #2: Athlete Brand identity, Graphic Assets, Data Visualizations finished


Week 6: MAY 10/11
Subject: Introduction to Adobe After Effects.
What's Due? Project #2: First draft video on the web

Week 7: MAY 17/18
Subject: Intro to Project 2, working with jQuery Mobile.
What's Due? Project #2: Second draft video on the web

Week 8: MAY 24/25
Subject: Intro to AfterEffects
What's Due? Project #2: Third draft video on the web

Week 9: May 31/ or JUN 1
Subject: jQuery Mobile, TBD
What's Due? Project #2: Fourth draft video on the web

Week 10: JUN 7/8

Project #2 due. 1 high rez version placed on a SCCA harddrive (specs TBA)for Portfolio Show. And 1 web version uploaded to the SCCA VIMEO Channel (specs TBA)


Grading and Attendance:

Critique begins at 9:00 am. This means your work is ready to go, at 9:00 AM.
Three absences in one class will result in a 0.0 final grade. An absence will be recorded for every two tardies in a class. Students doing other work in a class, unless approved by the instructor, will be considered absent from the class. Participation, professional attitude, performance and attendance are all factors that determine your grade. Assignments are due at the date and time specified. I will not accept late assignments and they will earn a score of "ZERO". I will grant an extension if you notify me before it is due. Assignments late for critique will not be included in the critique of the day.
Status reports and comments on your work will arrive by e-mail, approximately every 2 weeks.