Hello. My name is Erik Fadiman and I can help you with Brand Strategy, UX Design, and Web Development.



While everyone likes to think that their business is unique, they’re usually indistinguishable in a crowded marketplace. If you need help defining a memorable brand identity, I can help you communicate your message and stand head and antlers above the crowd.

UX Design

While it’s true that 'looks matter', even the best looking website won’t help if your users are frustrated. I can help with research, testing, prototyping, or a usability audit on your current site. If you’re launching a new site, I can help identify potential problems before they surface.

ux design
Wordpress logo

WordPress Development

If you need a Content Management System (CMS), I highly recommend WordPress. It's the most popular CMS on the planet, it powers 25% of the internet, it's free and open source, and it's powerful and flexible enough to help you have a deeper conversation with your customers.

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Who is this guy?

I've been designing and building websites for fifteen years. I could talk about this stuff all day...and I do. I'm also a Professor of Interactive Design at Seattle Central Creative Academy, where I teach classes in Web design, UX design, and WordPress development.

Erik Fadiman


  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Logo Design


  • WordPress
  • Web Development
  • Consulting


  • UX Design
  • User Research
  • Prototyping